Money, money, money!


It’s amazing what a shitload of money can buy!
We had an absolutely beautiful day to visit Hearst Castle. The views were spectacular. All that kept rolling through my hard was the Abba song, “Money, money, money…”. Oh to be rich! We bought a few lottery tickets on the way home. Maybe we can help the state and buy this little piece of property off their hands!

We countered Hearst Castle with the “Nit Witt House”. A lovely home in Cambria. At about the same time as Hearst was building his little ranch house, another man, clearly upset by the excess being spent up the road, decided to build a house using nothing but found objects. The result is shown below. Someone actually lives in this historic site! He bought it for $42,000 in the 80’s. Hey, if we don’t win the lottery maybe we can afford this one!

Quite interesting to compare the Winchester House, Hearst Castle, and the Nit Witt House!

Well, we decided to head home today and try to avoid “Carmageddon” in LA! Hope you enjoyed the blog. It was fun writing it. Sorry it took so long to figure out the picture thing!




SLO down, you move too fast….


Today was a SLO day…San Luis Obispo day that is. Collin wanted to see Cal Poly so we drove around campus. Being summer vacation there weren’t many students on campus, but lots of construction going on. The campus is really modernizing and growing. Go Mustangs!

Next we stopped at a roadside mini Bates Nut Farm and picked up a picnic lunch and headed toward one of our favorite Central Coast wineries, Kelsey. It’s a small winery tucked away in See Canyon between SLO and Pismo. They make two great “hot tub” wines. One is a red, the other a white, both blended with apples grown on the farm. On the sweeter side, but great light simmer wines,

After lunch we drove to secluded Avila Beach. This is a quaint little beach community we discovered three years ago and have been back to almost every year since. It has an interesting history. Back in the 70’s there was an under ground oil leak that contaminated much of the town and beach area. The oil company responsible came in and practically gutted the place. All the contaminated sand and soil was removed and replaced. Slowly the town has started rebuilding so it’s a very new SMALL beach community. It’s also very protected by hillsides and a deep bay, so even when most of the neighboring breaches ( Pismo to the south and Morro Bay to the north) are socked in by fog, Avila is sunny and warm. The secret about Avila must be out because the beach was the most crowded we’d ever seen it. Well that and the fact that the great white shark warnings were gone…. another story!

After some time enjoying the sun ( especially after Frisco yesterday) we headed back into SLO for their Thursday night Farmer’s Market. It’s about 6 blocks long through the middle of town and EVERYBODY for miles around attends. Very party like atmosphere. Music, food, and some of the most gorgeous produce I’ve ever seen! I wish we lived closer so we could take advantage.

Tomorrow, Hearst Castle!

I left my heart….


Didn’t Mark Twain once say something like ” The coldest winter I ever experienced was one summer in San Francisco”? We can relate. It was a brisk 64 and the wind chill factor brought it down to the low 50’s. Brrrr!
Never did get a clear view of the bridge unfortunately.

But, weather aside it was a very fun day! We did a lot of things we’d never done before. Spent 3+ hours at the new Walt Disney Family Museum at the Presidio. Definitely a “must see” your next time in S.F. Then lunch and shopping in Chinatown; a visit to Coit Tower where I’m sure the views on a clear day must be spectacular; and what trip wouldn’t be complete without a ride on a cable car! Very fun day!
Tomorrow, SLO!






Let the wine tastings begin!!!

We spent the morning at the coast. Craig and Collin kayaked along the “Mendo” coast, and Deb spent the morning wandering around Mendocino. Then we headed inland on route 128 into the Anderson Valley. They are a lot more laid back than their pretentious brothers to the east (Napa). As a local informed us they are known for “W, W, H”. Wine, weed, and hops! Yeah baby! Had to sample a few of the local wines, yum! We’re headed to Novato tonight and will spend a day or two in Frisco. Cheers!


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure


I hope the pictures come out on this blog. We’re in Fort Bragg along the coast. A dear friend of mine grew up in this area and shared this story from her childhood.

Every Saturday the family would load up their pick-up truck with all their trash from the week and head to the city dump. The only problem with this is that the dump was a cliff over the ocean! As she says, they didn’t know any better back then. In the early sixties the town started to regulate it more and wouldn’t allow anything toxic to be dumped. By the late sixties the practice was banned altogether and the town dump was moved in land.

The result of this dumping is Glass Beach! If you look closely at the rocks “littering” the beach you’ll find that it’s beautiful sea glass of every color. They say on a sunny day the shore just sparkles. It was overcast today but we still found lots of beautiful pieces.

So you never know, one man’s trash really can be another man’s treasure!


EUREKA! We found it!

Eureka California that is. Deb thought that Collin and I should do todays blog since it started off with 2 LS1 V8’s producing 800 ponies. Yes, you girls know what I’m talking about. We took a little jet boat ride down the Rogue River in Oregon. Our pilot took 30 people down a sometimes calm, and several times class 2 and 3 rapids at up to 50 miles per hour that had us all howling. We squeezed thru some tight spots and some rough water. Deb was screaming like a little girl. Collin was screaming like a little girl too. Alright, I screamed like a BIG girl! We got squirted by nearby rafters and kayakers, and nailed others with large wakes and rooster tails. We were, after all, the biggest kid in the sandbox. We traveled over 75 miles up and back with lunch in between. When in Oregon, do the Rogue.
After we got our sealegs back, we jumped in the family truckster and headed southwest to the California coast. We traveled thru some big trees and even drove thru one! We saw lots of elk, but we missed some wayward whales that made the local paper. Seems they found themselves inside the mouth of the Klamath River and have called it home for the past two weeks!

On a side note: Sorry about the pics. Trying to type these blogs on the iPhone and iPad is a little limiting. The only way I have found to include pictures is to take one and blog immediately. Haven’t found a way to transfer from library yet. I’ll keep working on it!